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Red Oak
Green Oak
Red Coral

Tomatoes 1 kg 400 Baht

Price including delivery :

1 kg Baht 250

2 kg Baht 400

3 kg Baht 550

5 kg Baht 840

Steps to Follow

Using the QR code provided, place your order and provide your address to the line account.

A 1kg box of salad costs 250 Baht including delivery

Please choose from the following options: Butterhead, Green Oak, Red Oak, Iceberg, Cos and Red Coral

You can also choose mixed salad. One kg is about 6 plants so you can decide on your own mix.

After placing your order please transfer the payment to MT Hydroponics Kasikorn bank 0671865030

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For more information on purchasing, please call us on either (+66) 0821055853.

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